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1 doubt about someone's honesty [syn: misgiving, distrust, suspicion]
2 the trait of not trusting others [syn: distrust, distrustfulness] [ant: trust] v : regard as untrustworthy; regard with suspicion; have no faith or confidence in [syn: distrust, suspect] [ant: trust, trust]

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  1. Lack of trust or confidence.


lack of trust


  1. To have no confidence in something
  2. To be wary, suspicious or doubtful


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Mistrust is the act of believing that a particular party has a hidden agenda. This can happen in everyday life in situations where the parties otherwise trust each other, but find themselves questioning that trust. Mistrust is different from distrust, in which the lack of trust seems clear to the believer (and usually to the recipient), as in war.

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Pyrrhonism, apprehension, apprehensiveness, awake a doubt, be diffident, be doubtful, be dubious, be possessive, be skeptical, be uncertain, beware, cageyness, call in question, challenge, chariness, contest, diffidence, dispute, distrust, distrustfulness, doubt, doubtfulness, dubiety, dubiousness, greet with skepticism, half believe, half-belief, harbor suspicions, have reservations, leeriness, misdoubt, misgive, misgiving, mistrustfulness, query, question, raise a question, reservation, scepticism, scruple, scrupulousness, self-doubt, shadow of doubt, skepticalness, skepticism, smell a rat, suspect, suspicion, suspiciousness, throw doubt upon, total skepticism, treat with reserve, uncertainty, unsureness, wariness
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